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Competent authority for visa applications

All the information concerning visa applications for Belgium is available on the website of the Immigration Office of the FPS Home Affairs, which is the competent Belgian authority for access to the territory, stay, residence and removal of foreigners in Belgium.


Please bear in mind that the possession of a valid visa does not mean that you are automatically allowed to enter Belgian territory. The ultimate decision in this matter lies with the border control and will depend on the measures in force at that time.

To submit your visa application, you must make an appointment with the visa reception center TLS. New address: 6th floor Intercontinental Addis Hotel New business complex building, Kazanchis area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Before you go to the TLS Application Center, do not forget to fill in the online visa application form:

Holders of Diplomatic or Service passports travelling for an official purpose and family members of EU citizens remain welcome to file their application at the Belgian Embassy. Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 09:00 am - 12:00 am, after appointment.

Who can apply in Addis Ababa to travel to Belgium or Luxemburg:

  • Ethiopian nationals
  • Foreign nationals with residence in Ethiopia
  • Djibouti nationals who apply for a visa D
  • Only Eritrean nationals who have an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) issued by the Ethiopian authorities will be able to easily obtain an Ethiopian exit visa, after the issuance of a Belgian visa by our diplomatic post. Laissez-passers issued by Belgium or other EU members are currently no longer automatically recognized by the Ethiopian authorities, which at this stage makes (legal) exit from Ethiopian territory extremely complicated for many Eritrean nationals. Discussions are underway to try to find a solution.

  • Eritreans residing in Sudan

Other categories should introduce their request in the respective competent embassy or consulate. More specifically, among others:

  • Djibouti nationals applying for a visa C should introduce their visa request at the French Embassy in Djibouti
  • Family members of a Somali national who has been granted the status of refugee or the subsidiary protection in Belgium, should introduce their visa request to the outsourced service provider TLS in Nairobi (Kenya).

Applicants applying for a long stay visa (D Visa) are requested among others to bring a medical certificate. The Embassy of Belgium recognises certificates from the following medical centres:

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